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Building materials and Construction

This course deals with topics: functions of buildings and structures, types of loads on structures, functional requirements of buildings, and role of materials in construction. Concrete as a material, its ingredients and Concrete Production Process including prefabrication, modular coordination; Cement: Hydration of cement, Chemical reaction, Structure of cement paste, Consistency and setting; Fresh Concrete: Role of aggregates and water in fresh concrete, workability Test for workability Role of admixtures, Segregation and bleeding; Strength of concrete: Role of porosity, Role of aggregate, aggregate-mortar interface, Tensile strength, Modulus of elasticity and their tests; Durability and long term performance of concrete, Role of mineral admixture; Mix design of concrete: Bricks and mortar and their properties, brick and other masonry construction; Metals with reference to Structural Steel: Structure and its role in properties of steel; Plastics and Polymers in construction, admixture paints, sealants and adhesives; Timber and plywood and glasses; Typical roof construction and foundations. (from nptel.ac.in )


Prof. B. Bhattacharjee, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi.
Architectural and civil engineering

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Lecture 01 - Functions of Buildings